Infosphere AB


Infosphere AB is an experience based Intelligence & Knowledge Strategy consultancy whose aim is to enable clients to make decisions with greater certainty and precision and to solve problems that fall outside core management and organizational resources.

No other company or organization in the world has our experience in the use and development of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods in combination with executing a profitable Business Knowledge strategy. Many nations  and  large corporations both follow our recommendations and use our continuous intelligence support.

infosphere_peopleWhile leveraging our extensive global network – in combination with our core and “beehive” analysis – we always ensure a high level of operational security.

With a range of proven methodologies, direct investments and ownership of state-of-the-art intelligence software and services, combined with an access to electronic and human sources throughout the world, we have the proven experience and knowledge to address even your most difficult product and development challenges. 

Infosphere was founded in  2001 and based out of Stockholm. 

We offer services for Corporations, Organizations, Governments and Individuals

  • Investigations, Due Dilligence Research & Commerical Intelligence Services
  • Knowledge Strategy Consulting
  • Open Source Intelligence Consulting & training

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